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CEO Coach Jennifer G

Jennifer G is the founder and CEO of Fit Bunny. Our services are Life, Health & Wellness Coach. She is a NPC Bikini Competitor, fitness model and motivational speaker. She is a new mother to a baby boy named Leonidas. God & Family come first in her life. She loves training , motivating women from all paths of life. She understands what it is like to be over weight before and after a baby. She has over a decade of personal training experience. Her plans target health & wellness not only physically but mentally. Each plan she has placed a lot of thought into. The trends , fabs and newest diets can cause people to yoyo diet. "I have already done all the hard work for you by searching for the answer to weight loss. Finding a program that actually works and you can maintain a goal weight naturally." Her goal is to share her fitness knowledge with women around the world. Changing each life, family at a time to for filling that balance & happiness in life. She's from Texas but now resides in OC California. From her booty blasting beach work outs to Colorado mountain work outs she's always ready to share her knowledge. " Ive done pageants, bikini competitions, photo shoots and simply just wanted to be a healthy mom for my family. I love helping all ages, sizes and shapes. I believe every women has beauty inside of her and the key is to unlock that feeling first! My programs will help you get there. Not only will you lose weight you will have a better life style. I understand all paths of life and want to help you with your fitness journey!" "Jennifer G"

Alison Zimmer

Certified Yoga Instructor

Huntington Beach Ca

Alison Zimmer is an incredible yoga instructor. She is RYT 500 hour certified yoga instructor in Huntington Beach, CA. The classes she teaches specialize in using yoga as a way to prevent injuries, improve flexibility, and quiet the mind.


Her company is Love Life Yogi & she has classes all around Oc California. Her schedule is listed on www.lovelifeyogi.com  

We are so honored to have her as part of Team Fit Divas 

She also does private lessons for Team Fit Diva Members that wish to practice yoga on a more advanced level.

She took her first yoga class in 2008 at California State University Long Beach and found it to be very hard and uncomfortable. After a couple months she fell in love with the calmness, balance, and flexibility it brought to my life. Yoga did something to my life that no sport, no teacher, no friend had ever done. "Alison Zimmer"

She completed Yoga Shakti's 200-hour teacher training program in 2011 and completed their 300-hour training in 2014.

Teaching yoga connects me with people on a whole different level.The love and compassion shared has no words. 
Seeing my students show up day after day inspires me to be creative and authentic with my teaching! 

Kasia Andrzejuk

Pilates Instructor

Kasia Andrzekjuk is a yoga & pilates enthusiast. She started her practice in Chicago years ago. Kasia's fitness journey began when she tried out for her high school volleyball team and did not make the team. Her strength was made into her weakness and she started running marathons nationwide.


Kasias passion is fitness and pilates is incredible. She's motivating , up lifting, and loves to work with her clients weekly!  She is the founder of commit2befit  and offers private lessons. Check her website for her weekly schedule. 


She's a nationwide teacher, avid hiker and enjoys jogging. She finds it rewarding to help other people with their fitness journey.

Heather Deranja

Registered Dietitian

Nutritionist & Personal Trainer  

Heather is a registered dietitian nutritionist, personal trainer and passionate wellness advocate in Southern California. Heather started Nutrition Vixen in 2014 because of her own struggles with her health and an autoimmune disease. Unable to obtain health insurance, she had to fight for herself and become her own advocate to stay healthy.


As someone who struggled with her health, confidence and feelings of unworthiness, Heather’s mission is to help women release their limiting beliefs and embrace the limitless possibilities of life so that they can live fit, young, wild and free.


She specializes in multidisciplinary health communications and helping others get to the root of their health issues, limiting beliefs and mindset blocks that stand between them and the life and body of their dreams.

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